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How To Choosing SEO Optimized Domain and hosting for WordPress | WordPress Complete Course

Today, WordPress powers a large number of blogs and business websites. This course will teach anyone how to use WordPress to become a WordPress ninja and make money with this great platform. This course covers everything from basic account setup to post/page creation, theme customization and plugin integration. Additionally, the course will help you create your own fully functional e-commerce store. Excitingly, you will change your life and make a living by earning money from home.

What Will You Learn:
After completing this course, students will be able to:

o Set up an account on the WordPress platform
o Use the free version of WordPress
o Change the look of your WordPress site
o Use posts and pages effectively
o Install and use different WordPress plugins
o Add and remove multimedia items using the WordPress platform
o Reply and handle different types of comments
o Use various widgets
o Edit the navigation bar using the menu
o Manage users in WordPress
o Make money with WordPress and the different tools and features it offers
o Install Google Analytics on your website for tracking
o Setting up an e-commerce site with Woo Commerce

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