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With news on The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to speculate what might come next. The Chroma Conclave is a huge story arc from Campaign 1 of Critical Role and the next major story arc for the animated series.

With so many hours of content to cover how will the team at Critical Role handle so many important character moments for the likes of Vax, Vex, Scanlan and Keyleth? It’s time to breakdown all of those character arcs. Do let me know in the comments if there are moments you are desperate to see animated for the Chroma Conclave Arc in Vox Machina Season 2!

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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 – Introduction
2:10 – S1 Ending + S2 Beginning
3:31 – Express VPN Sponsorship Segment
4:21 – S2 Episode 1 Ending
5:08 – Grog Story Beats
5:43 – Scanlan Story Beats
6:28 – Vex & Vax Having a TIME
7:14 – Pike Gets More to Do
8:06 – Percy Still Has Things to Do
8:50 – Keyleth Also Having a TIME
10:18 – Chroma Conclave Wishlist
11:36 – Conclusion & Wrap Up

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21 thoughts on “A Script Writing Nightmare? – Vox Machina Season 2”
  1. 10:48 I can definitely say we won’t be getting anything from Gern Blanston as after Chris Hardwick (his player) was revealed to be abusing his partner, Matt disavowed his behavior, said he wasn’t welcome at the table any longer and killed him off in game.

    Also the whole keyleth is having PTSD from the death of one of her sister tribes being decimated doesn’t mix well with Dragonborn fooling around with said corpses of her sister tribe. It was funny in game but as a story fell flat and even if Chris wasn’t excommunicated I wouldn’t want that scene in the actual canon

  2. I've always thought the carving of "2 down, 3 to go" over Umbrasyl's corpse would make a great closing shot to a season. I'm not sure if they'd be willing to take that much time with it, but I at least hope they include it in some form. It was pretty cinematic

  3. I also think the Conclave arc should be at least 2 seasons to really flow well. They could switch things around and put moments that weren't explicitly related to the dragons in future seasons (that hopefully we could get) but if they kept a similar structure to how it happened in the show, maybe 1 season for each dragon? I feel like this arc was such a big piece of the whole stream, i can't see it being too condensed

  4. The show is a hit. There's no way Prime is gonna plan less episodes than they can possibly get. If anything, they extend their plans for how many seasons they can get out of the show, and tell the production team to stop rushing through the story.

    The only reason they rushed through the Briarwood Arc is because they didn't know how the audience would react to the show. Now they know that they have a hit on their hands, that strategy obviously changes.

    Anything else wouldn't make sense.

  5. I mean honestly they didn't do a great job with the first arc. I stil enjoyed the animated series, but it was very different from the events that actually happend essentially across the board. The only thing that was faithfully adapted seem to be the names of characters.

    Again though it was a fun watch.

  6. Totally with you on the two season point, that was my first thought too! The Conclave arc is absolutely stuffed with cool things I'd love to see (the whole shenanigans in the Fewywild, for a start) and I really think they'd need that time to do it justice. Plus, if they've only got two seasons greenlit for now, leaving that cliffhanger on the table is a smart way to start negotiating for a third.

    I'd love to see Kash and Zahra (especially since Mary Elizabeth McGlynn was the voice director on S1), but I have a feeling they might shift some of Kerrek's role to Percy (which would be a shame because I love him, but it would mean juggling even more characters). I can't see Gern making an appearance though. The CR team have gone to pretty great lengths to distance themselves from Chris Hardwick after all the allegations, so I imagine they'll pull a Tiberius and just gloss over him.

  7. I also couldn't imagine them managing to do the Conclave arc in less than two seasons. Which makes the lack of any news about there ever being more than two seasons total of the whole show mildly concerning. There's a lot of things I can't wait to see adapted, though I'm not sure if they'll actually do it though. There's a real possibility they either massively truncate the story just to complete it with the only two seasons they'll get, or it may just go unfinished. Hopefully we get some good news on it soon.

    If they change anything I'm hoping they tweak Scanlan's plot alot. There's good basis there but it needs work. Sam seemed mostly concerned with just getting his friends to laugh for a lot of C1 in the things he did as Scanlan and that was often hilarious to watch as the audience, but the downside meant Scanlan as a character is.. kind of a massive douchebag for most of the campaign if you think too much about his actions. What he did to Jarret I'd argue is still one of the most deliberately evil things any player character has done on stream in CR and his dynamic with Pike often bordered on creepy from a story perspective. I think its really just Sam's innate real life charisma and talent for comedy that kept the character even likeable.

  8. I've been having a lot of similar thoughts about Season 2 recently and how I think they should try and translate the stream to the show, there is so much important stuff in this arc that is really integral to the paths of certain characters that they can't really remove. SPOILERS AHEAD


    For starters I'd have the arc split up into 3 seasons, with Season 2 ending after the defeat of Umbrasyl and liberation of Westruun. This would allow for S2 to focus on Grog's conflict with Craven Edge and then the Herd of Storms, introduce Kaylie and give more depth to Scanlan, Vax's bargain with the Raven Queen and introduce a few of the Vestiges of Divergence, particularly Deathwalker's Ward and the Titanstone Knuckles. I also hope they find a way to bring in Zahra and Kashaw in S2, with how important they are in this arc and future moments. As for the end of season stinger/cliffhanger, I'd have them show Ripley with her new arm and the gun, have her conversing with Orthax, and show Percy's name on the barrel of the gun.

    S3 would have VM continue their search for more Vestiges, travelling to the Feywild to acquire Fenthris for Vex and getting the Plate of the Dawnmartyr for Pike from the Plain of Fire, which would also give more depth to Keyleth and her Aramente.They could then bring back Hotis(from the small snipet we got of him in S1) and have their fight in Whitestone. They could then have the battle with Ripley, Percy's death and resurrection, and the reveal of Raishan disguised as Seeker Assum. S3 would end with the defeat of Vorugal and Yenk the Goristro (giving Keyleth the Spire of Conflux Vestige) and have the Finale cliffhanger be the reveal of Thordak's Primordial form and the eggs he laid beneath Emon.

    S4 would focus on VM and their allies preparing for the assault on Emon and Throdak, having the actual battle with him be 2 episodes and end(just like in the stream) with Raishan betraying them and trying to kill them in Thordak's lair. They have the first fight with Raishan, move Grog's second fight with Earthbreaker Groon to just after they've recovered from the first Raishan fight (while Allura tries to locate Raishan). They then have the second fight with Raishan, resulting in her defeat and the (potentiall) second death of Scanlan. They then have Scanlan's resurrection, his anger at VM involving Kaylie and his departure from the group, with VM travelling to Ank'Harel and meeting Taryon to end the season.

  9. I think 2 seasons is probably the best way to do the Chroma, preferably 24 episodes for season 2 ending off in Percy’s death/revival and the reveal of Rishon and 12 for season 3 to finish it off the arc. Then 1 season of 12 for the Darington arc and then ether 16 or 24 to finish off the Vecna arc.

  10. I think the blue/green haired rebel from season 1 (blanking on the name) will be Raishan, because Asume has not gotten a lot of characterization to justify the reveal and to surprise long time fans.

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