I started hosting on Airbnb in 2013 and I’ve learned a ton in that time. Last year I made $500,000 in rental income. Here’s 5 thing I WISH I knew back when I started that I know now.

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29 thoughts on “Airbnb Hosting Tips: TOP 5 THINGS I WISH I KNEW WHEN STARTING OUT!

  1. Airbnb steals your life, takes the soul out of your home and property, turns your neighbors against you, and makes you feel the need to expand to make any decent return, then keeps you in that loop of giving away your good life for poverty toil.

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  4. Hey everyone! Good news ahead.

    I was recently passing out a couple of templates. These are 2 documents I made for the purpose of taking with me when I went to pitch a landlord. While you can still give a landlord your business card this gave them a brief overview of what I do & specific benefits to them. I made these to help myself get the conversation ball rolling until I got a feel for the type of landlord I’d be working with, and was able to really nail down and further practice selling them the benefits—all while hoping to land the place. It gave me a solid starting point.

    -One was a type of Landlord Letter introducing myself and what exactly I (as an Airbnb STR host) intend to do with the rented property along with some pros and cons of tenants vs guests.

    -The second was strictly a benefits page for the landlord, and can be tailored to the type of landlords in your area and you can alter what benefits you want to sell to them, basically.

    LITERALLY 2 pieces of paper. Simple, straight to the point and leaves the landlord with a clear picture of what happens and how they benefit. And aside from chemistry during the pitch they are physically left with something to help them remember you by and what you do and how you help them.

    Given the popularity of it, I had considered making it an editable template for anyone interested and simply selling it for only $5. Would anyone be interested? So far the feedback has been all positive, especially for those just starting and trying to get more comfortable with pitching, so that is why I am bringing it up

    FOR AIR BNB Absolutely horrible
    unintelligent and deceptive customer service. Beware. I had a couple gift
    cards but was unable to use on my first booking. They say you can use a gift
    card on the first booking, but it won’t actually allow it, I spent hours on the
    phone with customer service and they also were unable to do it. You need to
    have already stayed at an air bnb and have used an alternate form of payment
    before they allow you use any gift card, or else the system won’t process the
    booking. The system says "unable to process at this time" until
    finally you make the booking with a credit card and of course they "can’t"
    retroactively apply the gift credit.

    can not use a gift card or account credit on an existing reservation with an
    outstanding balance.

    You must have
    the credit in your account before making the new booking, you can not add the
    gift card in later on once the process has started. This is my understanding
    from a Facebook comment.

    They do not
    work for longer bookings, beyond 28 days…/

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