AMAN-2021 | Russian warships take part in Pakistan-hosted naval drills

The two-day naval phase of the AMAN-2021 drill off the coast of Pakistan has finished. The event brings together 45 nations, including three with the largest navies, the US, China, and Russia.

During this week’s maneuvers, fleets trained to work together during anti-piracy actions, performed on-the-go supply missions, and conducted traditional naval exercises like gun practice and formation sailing, the Russian military reported.

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48 thoughts on “AMAN-2021 | Russian warships take part in Pakistan-hosted naval drills

  1. Jealousy at it's peak in comment section amongst Indians

    Gotta bring popcorns so can enjoy the comment section.

    As for Indians it's okay what's left for you to do ,go on keep writing,atleast we offer you to serve this company.Xd

  2. It amazing how Pakistan was able to get us; Russians and Chinese in the same ex. I never believed it was possible.
    2ndly I have heard a lot about pns Ghazi. As a student of south Asian studies ,.i can tell you that Ghazi sank thru an internal explosion. This is as per the book of Gen Jacob of Indian army who refers to a tele call he had with an Indian admiral.
    I am not taking side. Just stating the facts. Otherwise I think both Indian and Pakistani militaries are fine forces

  3. "The event brings together 45 nations" Glad to hear, perfect to be coordinated that day when the space aliens attack, although my Americans friends already assured me their UFO flying machines would be no match for the mighty F22 so we are all very safe now.

  4. Pakistan Russia and China is the next new world order as it dictates no more supremacy of evil minds but together for peace and stability surely ww3 will feature prime roles by these 3 countries….

  5. All great navies together for peace.. We are very thankful to Russian navy for their participation in this exercise, and supporting us to bring prosperity in sea trade through peace..

  6. Actually in this exercise 45 countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, China ,America ,Russia, New Zealand, United Kingdom ,Australia, Turkey and many more are participating for peace and against for common enemy. Including all the neighboring countries of Pakistan are participate in this except India. After the long break of decades Russia and NATO are practice with each other due to this exercise "AMAN-21" .

  7. Total 7 nuclear powers in the world, 04 in south Asia. Just imagine if south Asia united no one can beat us in War or development. Unfortunately, it is only India who is backing state sponsor terrorism.

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