ARMA 3 Refuel and repair script (editor)

simply download the script from here

then follow the readme.txt instructions or watch me do it in this video

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  1. Why you put this in a .pbo format with non vanilla content is beyond me. It cannot be opened in the editor, and I need to download mods to actually make this work. Ridiculous.

  2. Finally! what i had to do in my version/update/whatever was export the scenario as a mission, then go back to the editor, (somehow that unlocked the "open scenario folder" button under the scenario tab) THEN i could find the right folder to throw the script file into. but everything else in the video worked. hope this helps someone.

  3. Hey man I would imagine you were the one who posted the script to ArmAHolic. Found it on there and so far have gotten the ground vehicles to RRR, however air vehicles not so much. It seems that the "(getPos ((list triggername) select 0) select 2) <= 1" Condition will not work at all. Could you possibly update it at your nearest convenience?

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