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How To Audition With A Terrible Script — Ever feel puzzled by what to do at your audition when you get a bad script or bad sides to work with? As a Casting Director in the business for 20 years, I’ve seen LOTS of those and if you’re an actor and have been around for a while you have too. If you haven’t yet, you will.

In this video, you will learn a couple of things you can do that will make you look good even when working with writing that’s less than fabulous.

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23 thoughts on “Audition Tips | How To Audition With A Terrible Script”
  1. what do you do when the dialogue is terrible and unnatural? Everyone says you need to respect the writer and not change anything especially during auditions but sometimes I get scripts that are so poorly written the words just don't flow at all. it feels forced and unnatural which makes the acting look forced and unnatural because you can't fall into character because people don't speak the way they are writing. on top of that the fact that storyline is bad makes me not want to bother submitting. —-

    Not sure if you see a comment on this video anymore but for the sake of getting it off my chest I'm incredibly confused on how to build my demo reel. I've listened in on many casting directors lectures and they all say you need to be careful including poor quality productions in your demo because it doesn't make you look good and they'll skip over you.. I was told by my agent that if I want to do more story telling projects (vs. commercials and industrials) I needed to build my resume with smaller productions… but most of what is sent to me is ridiculously bad ..that mixed with the low to nill payrate I don't see the point in submitting.. I get the 5 lines and under auditions from productions that have better writing and directors behind them and have received good feedback from casting in that they keep requesting to see me and whatnot… so… I'm wondering… Should I just keep trucking with what I find good and enjoyable and just understand that its a much slower process or does that put me at risk of being dropped all together.

  2. "The layer on top of that"??????? What layer are you referring to, because you didn't explain it. What do you mean by using a layer on top of a bad script to make it less obvious????

  3. I especially like this advice. Lets face it, most of us actors dont have "A-list" sides or get "A-list" roles.  So this video applies to me. (and many of my contemporaries). Thanks.

  4. Great concept Amy for attacking the very common problem of wacky scripts, i.e. extracting something there that isn't obvious/on the surface of bad writing and going deeper/playing against the obvious!

  5. Hi Amy I think your videos are amazing and they really help. I am getting into acting a lot I have been taking classes with Liz Caplan. I'm thirteen and I have been taking acting and voice classes for two years now. I have also been in a lot of school and theatre productions. My question to you is how long should I keep taking lessons and being in productions for until I start auditioning for Broadway and off broadway shows? How many years does a normal broadway actor train before he or she gets on Broadway?

  6. Thank god you uploaded this because my school is doing "School house rock live" And after reviewing the script it made the whole production seem pretty stupid.

  7. Thanks a mil for this! Though it should be "obvious" 😉 to us actors, it's great to have it spelled out. I'll definitely remember this tip! 🙂

  8. Great tips 🙂 And I think this is even useful for good scripts.  The idea of finding that not-so obvious choice can make you stand out either way! Thanks Amy 🙂 Hope to meet you soon 🙂

  9. This was good advice, as always, and yes it just happened to Kaila!  She had 4-short lines to work with.  She chose the "different way", but it was not good enough. 🙁

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