Best Cheap Web Hosting For WordPress 2021 [Hostinger Review]

Best Cheap Web Hosting For WordPress 2021 [Hostinger Review]
►► Start Here With Your Website:

Whether you’re looking to make a simple blog. Or if you want to make a WordPress website for building your email list. This WordPress tutorial will show you how to get started and have your own custom website up and running in 25 minutes.

First, you’ll learn why you should make your own custom website and the upsides of owning an asset that you control.

Second, I’ll show you how to figure out your website’s domain name, get hosting, install WordPress, and every setting to get you started correctly.

Next up, we will go through how WordPress works as it can be confusing if it’s your first time making your own WordPress website.

Lastly, you’ll start with your website design, customizing the appearance, make a header, designing your website’s hero section, and insert an opt-in form to capture visitor’s emails.

All in all, you’ll get every step you need on how to make a website design that converts.

00:00 – Intro
01:32 – Why you NEED a Website
03:02 – How to Get Started
04:18 – How Much for a Website?
04:57 – Hostinger Review
06:08 – Figure out your Domain Name
07:33 – Get Hosting with Hostinger
08:36 – Setup tips in Hostinger
11:20 – WordPress Tutorial Step-by-Step

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