Best new Sniper Setup? New Jaeger Gauss Build. War Robots Gameplay, WR. Part 1

is the new Jaeger with gauss the best sniper setup in war robots?, i think this is a super awesome sniper build and i would say yes this may just be the best …

35 thoughts on “Best new Sniper Setup? New Jaeger Gauss Build. War Robots Gameplay, WR. Part 1

  1. 800m is NOT more than enough with fast bots especially in CL and you are a priority target most of the time once you deploy. All three weapons need to fire at once to get their full potential.

  2. To remove anything that slows your bot, remove the problem from "skill list". It says in part that your bot gets more durability and damage, but slows the bots moving speed… Remove that…

  3. I love how people are complaining that 800 is not enough distance for sniping. Anything over 800 and you can’t see your opponent . Unless they install a scope which zooms in, technically you are wasting your time going for a longer distance weapons. Wasting shots because you can’t see the wall they’re behind.

  4. Danny i wonder if Dragoons are still able to compete against Gauss, Dragoons shoot more often and their energy based, but of course no resistance bypass

  5. These days people would used to think that only close battle is real battle. So the sniping players couldn't enjoy the game at all. But Jaeger is a new milestone in the history. Thanks to its sniping ability, aegis shield and high mobility, which made it a perfect beast for snipers.

  6. I am not a sniping fan but still these weapons and bot seems good !
    They are awesome in close range but i don't know why i kinda like the game when it is more into brawling than into sniping !
    just my point of view!! Nice video danny !!

  7. Hey danny I am currently at 1300 components for hades so tell me I am gonna go for these two bots:
    Invader and tyr
    So tell me which one should I produce first???

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