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13 thoughts on “Blender 3D: Script a Reference Manager

  1. Hi Blender Campus :), Kannst du das Script auch mit Dateien machen, und nicht mit Bilder? Also das man in der Vorschau die Dateien sieht und dann wenn man auf das Vorschaubild klickt die Datei erscheint. Geht das? Ich mГ¶chte nГ¤mlich bald diesen Script bei meine Dateien anwenden! Habe es schon bei vielen gesehen! Danke 🙂

  2. wow…thanks for your wonderful detailed comments. This is extremely clever to use part of blender so amazingly. I hope you have more programming info soon..

  3. Nice. What you're doing is very close to something I would like to see in Blender, but have no idea how to achieve:
    In the UV/image editor using the dropdown menu can be quite cumbersome when you have lots of similarly named, similarly looking images (like tex1, tex1.1 etc) it would be great if you could use keyboard shortcuts i.e. arrow left/right or up/down or page up/page down to cycle through your textures. I have no idea if this can be done, since I can't script my way out of a wet paper bag. Judging from what you did, you do have that idea. So…do you think it can be done? It would be a great addition to Blender IMO.

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