Change Identity Documentary Part 1 out of 4

Learn More on How to Disappear Completely and Change your Identity.

Identity change always has been something very secretive happening in our society. Most common reasons for people taking on a new identity are debt, abuse or escaping from low enforcement agents.

After 911 it got a lot harder to take on a false identity, back then George W Bush turned the US into a surveillance society. Even it got more difficult, more people than ever choose to hide and live under an assumed identity.

After the 2008 finical crises ( it got virtually impossible for a large number Americans to take out loans. The lending rules now exclude the majority of US citizen from accessing bank loans, credit cards or mortgages.

This developed made people turn to payday loans and loan sharks. Debt collection techniques used by loan sharks are violent, intimating and dangerous for the people who default on their debt. Changing their identity can be in many cases the only way out to escape from the abuse and violence those people experience.

High unemployed also drove a lot of people into the underground economy ( Joining a gang is easier than a lot of people might imagine. Leaving gang life is in many cases impossible as former gang members have too much information which could get some people in serious trouble.

Changing someone’s identity is many cases the only way to leave a criminal organization. Witness protection programs are offered by the law enforcement agents to some individuals that are considered of being at high risk getting killed by Asian or South American crime syndicates. However, not all people who would deserve to be in a witness protection program have access to it.
Trying running away from crime syndicates is very difficult as they have in many cases police cops or other law enforcement agent on their pay role. That means criminals in some cases might even have access to someone’s credit card statements or able to track a phone based on information those criminals gained by bribing officials.

Corruption in the US is worrisome, however, nothing compared to the developing world. In countries such as Mexico, Brazil or China corruption has gained levels that have serious affects on the economy as well people of those countries.

People trying participating in a witness protection program in order to get a new identity in the developed world are even more at risk of getting killed than just trying to vanish.
Identity change has been and always will be mysterious subject. Once somebody has changed his identity he leaves his old live behind him. Most of those people will stop have contact with their friends and family. They will stay in a place or even country far away from where they used to live.

Once they live with their new identity, they don’t have to worry about debt they might had in the past, don’t have to be scared of some crime syndicates tracking them down or some loan sharks banging on their doors. However, a new identity comes with a price. Loosing contact to all friends and family can hit some people harder than they might have thought in the first place.

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  3. i and my wife recently bought passport, driver license, new bank accounts, and other documentations from newidentity( and wanted you to know that they are amazing, they are so fast and reliable.Thanks so much for rescuing these perfect couples! We are so thankful to have them. my family wouldn't let me spend the rest of my life with who i love, so we both had to get new identities, at first we thought it wasnt real but we were so far from the truth. this is why am dropping this here to help others.

  4. And…How did you get rid of your "old" car?? The images shown on that topic seem to imply you dumped it off at a Dealership? But, what dealer would accept your old (luxury?) car without you presenting any kind of paperwork Especially Identification (which you already got rid of?), Etc…I dunno…

  5. you used to be able to assume another life really easily years ago not really that long ago about 20 years ago if you went to a cemetery and you looked for a child's grave someone who only lived a week or two but had a birthday year around yours so had the child lived that person would be about your age before laws were changed you used to be able to apply for a death certificate for a person you didn't even know so you would apply for a death certificate for that child now with the death certificate you used to be able to go to the health department and apply for a copy of the birth certificate without question I know its crazy if anybody ask why you could always say you were doing a college paper on a famous family and you need it this for part of your work but you would get it and it wasn't that hard now you can throw the death certificate that way because you don't never need that again now here comes the even crazier part you take the birth certificate to the Social Security Administration office you tell them that you need a social security card now you're thinking who the hell doesn't have a social security card as a grown adult well you tell them your parents never applied for a social security card for you because of your religious beliefs if they question it anymore just tell them that you were raised Amish and you have left the church believe it or not they will give you a social security number at this point you are a new man take your birth certificate and social security card to the DMV and be like hi I need to take my drivers test now if you are now in your twenties and they look at you weird because you don't have a driver's license just play it off like you had some type of phobia and quickly change the subject once your drivers license is complete your Social Security card and your new birth certificate you are good to go on a state to state level never applied for a passport because that's federal and they will see the death certificate all this information is for entertainment purposes only have a good day

  6. Just a note to the ordinary person who needs to disappear. The number one betrayer is the automobile. Live somewhere where you never need to drive a vehicle. Try to avoid riding in one also. I believe the best option would be a large city or, surprisingly, certain types of rural area. Both of these are places where you can potentially live no questions asked. In a large city, you will never need to ride in a private vehicle. In a remote rural area, you get a ride when needed with someone you know to be reliable and not likely to stopped. Not only that, but there is less law enforce presence in remote areas. Think Theodore Kaczynski, aka the Unabomer. He lived in a remote ares for years without a vehicle and no one ever questioned his presence.

    Above all, it is important that you to go to a place where you will blend in. If you were a 6'5" black man, you would probably want to live in a black neighborhood in a city with a large black population. If you were an average white man with blond hair and blue eyes, go somewhere where your type is the norm. Whatever you are, go somewhere where your type is typical or average.

    I imagine there are two kind of disappearing. One where you change your identity entirely for the purpose of avoiding prosecution, major civil liability or people who might be intent on harming you. The other kind is where you just want to get away from your relatives and everyone who knows you. In the first case, you will have to either liquidate your assets into cash or abandon them entirely. In the second case, you can continue to collect social security and pension income, although I suppose it is possible that a wife or other person could have standing to access your confidential information. One thing I have heard suggested is that you open up a new account with an online bank. Once your account is established and your social or other pension is going there, you will never again be asked for your address or other personal information. Another option is to get paid by paper check, and cash that check at a supermarket or check cashing store. Sometimes, local independent markets will cash your check if you regularly buy your alcohol, cigarettes or some groceries from them. You will not be buying fuel, of course.

    Another thing the experts tell you is that if you are going to disappear, you have to be serious about it. That mean that you can communicate with no one, or if with one person, you have to prearrange the means of communication. If you use a "burn" phone, maybe it would be a good idea to go somewhere else when you make the call. For example, if you were living in Dallas, make the trip by bus or commuter train as far as you can go paying a cash fare, that might be Fort Worth or one of the satellite communities, and make your calls. If you are going to travel in a mode which requires identification, you will have to arrange for false identification.

    But don't listen to me. There are experts. These are just some starter ideas, some basic things you will need to think about. Happy trails, bro!

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