CIG is hosting a RACING EVENT!

How to race, join Discord:
My specs:
AMD Ryzen 9 3900 XT, Nvidia 2080Ti, 32GB 3200Mhz, M2 SSD
My sticks:
Dual Stick Virpil Constellation, Cosmo Sim Cams No Center, Default Springs, Monstertech Mounts

7 thoughts on “CIG is hosting a RACING EVENT!

  1. They took inspiration from what guys have been doing, as soon as I saw the thumbnail I thought it was a video from you and had to do a double take! You know they're loving what you guys do for the racing scene! o7

  2. Haha my first thought when I saw the CIG video was you and expected u to fall out of ur chair from excitement lol. Keep up the spatular racing events and vids, not much of a racers but one day hopefully the mechanics will be in place for ppl like u to create racing events and we can spectate and bet auec on the side lol

  3. at first i tought that they "Stole" your race track, but after watching it, i was wrong. this is simply the Simpler version that will allow anyone to participate regardless of their skill level.

  4. I just started watching the video and my excitement is overflowing. Love watching these events! I hope CIG brings more of thing out because the "feeling" of flying a ship in their game is absolutely masterful. With a bit more polish, they could be the spearhead-standard for racing games and would bring so many more people in that genre over to SC.

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