Hey loves welcome to my 24 hours of crazy motherhood and hosting a large family hope you enjoy

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35 thoughts on “CRAZY 24 HOURS OF MOTHERHOOD//FAMILY OF FIVE +HOSTING FOR DINNER #motherhood #stayathome”
  1. You are doing an awesome job as a mom, I love the way you parent discipline but explain to them the reason why and also have time to play with them as well …weeeh the mess after visitors is always crazy

  2. The motherhood it's not easy,mimi kwanza hiyo story ya kufunza siwezi hata my hubby huwa ananiambi niwache nice to see after viboko huwa mnacheza nao, nice video mama

  3. Motherhood is hard and balancing with all the chores is hard but you are doing a great job small babies are always clingy to moms but you need some time to yourself for sure.Enjoyed the video thanks for sharing ❤️❤️

  4. Motherhood is not easy ooo I watched this and I felt you I'm also going through this hugs dear 🤗🤗. Yeah it's good to have time with this kids to avoid them feeling left out. Aki I hate it when everyone lives the baby for me and I am tried as well 😢😢

  5. Let me tell you balancing ain't no joke,we are mum's,teachers, nurses, disciplinarians Yani we have like 50 jobs motherhood is no joke, well done doing an awesome job at it

  6. I always try cleaning while cooking so as to avoid a pile load of utensils…so true we have to tell our children why we are punishing them and with alot of love…woii it's usually like that when we host… disaster 🙆🙆🤣🤣

  7. ❤Only for fans over 18 year⤵️ Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine empr.ONLINE Brünette und eine andere Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenno ich 4 wählen würde

  8. This is a real nice vlog. It's never easy to balance life and everything that has to be done. House work is not easy and recurs all the time. Create a schedule and follow it

  9. You're doing great, motherhood can be so overwhelming aki, but one step at a time you get all done. It's good to be tough on them sometimes, to let them understand what's right and what's wrong. Cooking while cleaning helps a lot

  10. 1st thanks soo much babez for the mention i really appreciate sana 💋💋 for the love… moment for urself muhimu n vile ni ngumu kupata i see j crying n i just c myself chloe ako hivyo analia n u have to cook or do something wee … motherhood ata chloe anapendwa kubebwa yes they cry instead walale tu 🙄🙄 u sleep late unaamshwa mapema kesho yake wee they wull grow tu.. as u cook n clean c rahisi i prefer after..i dnt judge wenye wanapiga watoi imgn coz sometimes u feel like screaming hawasikii wen u say something wee..pole i feel u it can get overwhelming sana.. y quit teaching c joke wee. Aaaw i love the idea of u dancing with them after atleast they see bado u cre about them nevertheless.. food inakaa tamu btw… May u guys keep being strong in prayer… I related to this vlog soo much wee

  11. I think Ruth we should plan and meet and discuss the way forward this is my current status but I thank God when I feel like my strength is fading He energize me….

  12. I find that routines and sticking to them really helps to balance motherhood and everything else. Your day is rather busy from the teaching to the cleaning cooking and cleaning again. Yummy lunch. You hosted a huge number of guests well done girl

  13. i know it can be hectic aki motherhood ,house chores, teaching your kids but you are doing it hadi umechukua kijiti no joke mwalimu its how you making up with them and enjoyng dancing together i have now missed black beans…pole kwa viombo its good washing usiku tomorow you want have much wor

  14. Let me start by saying thanks soo much for mentioning @just being amom with pretty God bless u mamaa woi mtoi analia n u have to check homework waa i feel u motherhood c mchezo..uko lucky u have a big daughter to help u out i suffer hubby kama hayuko wee..ata mimi saa zingine i just ignore vyombo kama nimechoka sana.. vyombo siku hizi am washing usiku ctaki jokes lol..mtoi akidoz u feel uko heaven unakula na alot of peace 🤣🤣i always wait for tht moment aki…i love vile u guys meet to pray i love that idea ndio maana nachukia kuhost mimi 🙄

  15. This is me holding a kiboko coz sometimes being a teacher is hard Kwanza hii CBC ….Kwanza ukikumbuka hujaosha vyombo,hujapika supper..na mtoto anasumbua….I salute you Ruth

  16. You are really doing a great job dear 👏👏👏 dirty house ain't no zone..I love how big sister is taking responsibility of looking after her siblings

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