CS Strafe Scripts 2

After a few hours of updating, these scripts are fully functional under default server settings, despite recent Steam updates. The next chance that I have some free time, I’ll try to figure out how to combine both the Fast Run and the Ground Strafe scripts to have infinitely growing speed. The only problem that I’m having with this is that certain “wait;” additions conflict with the opposing script when trying to combine the two. However, I’m optimistic that this script can be done with a little time and effort. Please note that the FPS displayed on my netgraph does only represents what FPS I had while recording with Fraps, and NOT what FPS I was getting while I was playing. I had 100fps with developer off while playing.

The summer is approaching quickly, and I’m looking forward to playing CS with you guys again! -CAKEscripter

48 thoughts on “CS Strafe Scripts 2

  1. i have got another script : speed 277 u/s; ~36 strafes without prestrafe jump on 250+ units… my lj records on 10aa:

    cj 283;
    lj 268;
    sbj 257;
    bj 254;

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