In this tutorial I demonstrate how to create a script function and then how to call in both within the owning quest and in other scripts.

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  1. Thanks for making this, videos explaining scripting are few and far between on YouTube it seems so trying to get the basics on how everything fits together in the kit is hard to find. I suppose the best way to explain this to someone who's done scripting for things like C# is that quests are acting like public modules with scripts stored within them? Is there no way to call functions from other scripts directly like in New Vegas?

  2. When I followed these instructions, I got to the point of adding stage 10 and was trying to enter in the TutFunction name into the Papyrus Fragment box, but the "kmyQuest" box was grayed out as well as Compile, properties, adn Edit buttons, was not able to select or type into this box. No clue why.
    I figured it out, because "Empty, Empty" was not in the Log Entry table. I went to "Log Entry" table and right clicked to create a new Log entry then the kmyQuest was enabled.
    Don't know why that didn't auto initialize.

  3. I wonder, if it possible to force certain animation to play with the papyrus script. Like to make new input keys, to expand attack variants for melee combat. There's no proper information about it, this is sad.

  4. I get "Compiled script not saved" in the when i enter "setstage 03000f99 10" or "setstage 01000f99 10". Looked through the video three times, don't get why.

    Also, the script is clearly as the Form ID 0100f99 in the entire video (for example 3:47), so I don't understand why you use 0300f99.

  5. I'm trying to compile source script included with the mod celebration time, a mod that adds a single pose as a consumable, in order to add poses from another mod ingame as constructible/consumable items. I'm running into a problem though, the source script provided, even unaltered, will not compile with the CK in its original form, says "cannot define function oneffectstart in the empty state on script victorypose with the same name as an event in script in activemagiceffect" …for the life of me I have no clue what its talking about, and I'm not sure how the mod author compiled the script if it wasn't with the CK, but the mod itself works with no issues. Any chance you know at least what this means?

  6. I love your tutorials Seddon. I have learnt so much. One thing I cant seem to do is call an npc animation or an object animation via a script. Any ideas how to do this? I can't seem to get example.playanimation or example.playgamebryoanimation style scripts to work by themselves. Must be another way.

  7. Hello
    You could help me with this script, the condition is this:
    WormHasKeyword Keyword: isPowerArmorFrame == value: 1,000

    I only lack what I would put in run fragment, I do not use much the papyrus script and that is why I ask for your help.

    Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friend.

  8. Ok… now I've spotted where I did some things wrong…
    Now I just need the right functions to find.
    Sadly I found no good explanation so far how to teleport the player to a xmarkerheading in the CK.
    I would also use any other option if its possible to move the player to a specific location…^^

  9. Any way you could do a tutorial on how to add or change command functions to npcs? I've been trying to get deacon to stealth attack but after I tell him to attack someone he always stands up and gets spotted. I even added a package flagged always sneak but it's not working. I kinda wanted to add npc pick pocketing to, all based off the commanded actor settings.

  10. How would you add a script to a weapon? I'm am trying to make one that knocks a target unconscious but I don't know how to link a script to a gun.

  11. Under Game Scripts for Fallout 4 on creation kit wiki, I seen the AddPerkPoints function. I've done several programming languages and such but I'm completely new to Papyrus and Fallout 4 mods, but I was wondering, how would I go about putting this example "Game.AddPerkPoints(5)" into the script and putting into the mod? Thank you, if anyone understands what I mean!

  12. Do you need a script in order to get companion dialogue to trigger at a certain locations, so for example the player enters a warehouse I want the companion to comment on it, does it require a script for him to talk? I've got all the conditions etc.

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