Hey Butterflies 🦋 how are you doing today?
We hosted my family for the first time in our new home as newly weds, here’s how it went!

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37 thoughts on “First Time Hosting My Family in Our New Home as Newly Weds|First time Baking Brownies |LYDIA STANLEY”
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  2. Lovely vlog, as for the consistency of the brownie I think that’s the right consistency it’s meant to be gooey I’m definitely going to try out your sandwich recipe 😋

  3. Another Vlog,so happy 💃💃💃💃💃🦋🦋🦋🦋
    Compliments of the season Lydia
    Please send my own share of the brownies o
    Mr Nonso thank you for loving each other and showing us everytime that true love still exists.

  4. Compliments of the season, butterfly.

    I really loved this family time vlog. Thank you for choosing to share. Your brownies too, looked good! Although I don’t eat chocolate, they look inviting.

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