Free Domain and Web Hosting with GitHub Student Developer Pack and Namecheap

Get a free domain name from Namecheap by signing up for the Student Developer Pack from Githup. Learn how to connect this domain name to GitHub Pages in order to host an index.html file.

This is the first in a series of videos showing how to set up an artist portfolio website from scratch. No web coding experience is required. Follow along to create your of portfolio site.

0:00 Setup Portfolio Website
0:21 Create GitHub account
0:58 Verify Email
1:19 Get Student Developer Pack
1:37 Verify Academic Status
2:19 Explore GitHub Offers
2:50 Get Namecheap Free Domain
3:32 Create Namecheap account
4:37 GitHub Profile
5:29 Create index.html file
6:50 Check index.html on cell phone
7:20 Next Step – HTTPS

Artist Portfolio Website Video Series
1- Setup Domain and Hosting with GitHub Student Developer Pack and Namecheap –

2 – Enforce HTTPS with GitHub Pages and Namecheap –

3 – Setup Visual Studio Code with GitHub Integration –

4 – Basic HTML Crash Course and Page Structure –

5 – Basic CSS Crash Course –

6 – CSS Flexbox –

7 – CSS Grid –

8 – Sample Portfolio layouts in HTML and CSS (in production)

9 – Example Portfolio Site from Start to Finish (in production)

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17 thoughts on “Free Domain and Web Hosting with GitHub Student Developer Pack and Namecheap

  1. Thanks so much for making this video!
    I'm having some trouble hosting though. I got a free .me domain using my student developer pack on namecheap, but I don't see the 2 commits or the new repository on GitHub.

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