Garry's Mod 13: Gamemode scripting: Part 1 – Introduction

How to make a Gmod Beta dedicated server:

In this tutorial you will learn:
How script a garry’s mod gamemode
How to code LUA
How to learn coding
How to code a game
How to make a simple game


43 thoughts on “Garry's Mod 13: Gamemode scripting: Part 1 – Introduction

  1. So, I'm trying to understand this a little better, so, if anyone could tell me what I'm write or wrong about, that would be wonderful, and I'd be incredibly grateful.

    So, as for "base", does this mean the base gamemode? Like, for a darkrp server, would I have it be,  "base"        "darkrp"  ?

    I also don't understand what it is that "settings" does. I'm assuming that "name" should be followed by "console_command" ? What does "text" signify here?
    Are we creating a bind with this, or is it something else?

  2. my friends dont download my mods from my server and i heard  that you need to Lua, unpack the content files, manually add each and every file to a download script, and i dont understand what o do!?

  3. i dont have lua making the space in tables for values like the first one
    "base"               "base"

    how do i fix that

    instead of            "base"            "base"

    i have

    "base" "base"

  4. Alright is there anyone that could code a Jailbreak gamemode for me?  I can pay, but not a lot.  Message me through Youtubes inbox crap and I will go more in detail.

  5. I know this isn't the place to ask, but how can I set the rounds of prophunt on my server to infinite (no ''Which gamemode next?'' text pops up)

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