Ghosty Takes The #BeatTheClockChallenge Hosted by Walkz [Episode 1] | @MixtapeMadness

Welcome to the first episode of our brand new series “Beat The Clock” in partnership with adidas Originals.

Each week our host Walkz will be joined by some of our favorite producers. They will be given 3 samples to pick from, and they will have 10 minutes to make a beat using one of them.

This week, Walkz is joined by “No Diet” producer, Ghosty! Check out how he does.

**Get Involved**

Download samples:

Jump on TikTok and use #BeatTheClockChallenge

We’re giving away a prize each week for the best entry.
Get a closer look at the latest adidas ZX:

ProdByWalkz: @ProdByWalkz
Project Gorilla:

Background music & samples by:


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