Gnome Does it Again | LINUX Unplugged 213

The Gnome project is about to solve one of our audience’s biggest Wayland’s concerns. But as the project takes on a new level of relevance, decisions for the next version of Gnome have us worried about the future.

Plus we chat with Wimpy about the Ubuntu Rally in NYC, Microsoft’s sneaky move to turn Windows 10 into the “ULTIMATE LINUX RUNTIME”, community news & more!

Show Notes & Download:

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10 thoughts on “Gnome Does it Again | LINUX Unplugged 213

  1. Been using Wayland / Gnome / Fedora with a AMD RX480 all open source since mid 2016. Your such Ubuntu / Nvidia shills… Come on.

  2. Shows are too long. Should create an index of topics with times to click to. Or create shorter ones!
    Bet you'd get more views if you were doing shorter ones. I dunno.

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft bought Ubuntu. And started slowly killing off all Ubuntu flavours and spending less and less time and money on Linux ecosystem and upstream til it's dead. So what would you be left with? Redhat or Opensuse?
    What's it worth to MS to kill off Linux distros? 10 billion?
    Either MS hires coders who write code that works with Linux and MS products or you kill off the competition. Which is cheaper and better in the long run for MS?

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