GOLDSVET 7.1 Amatic – COS Firmware

Casino price: 1500 EUR
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Goldsvet 7.1 MRS (Multi Room System) for casino club’s (cafe version)

The new version of the casino system GOLDSVET / mrs.
In this casino release:
You will find new possibilities for managing games, and the system,
association of game banks,
a significant increase in performance, and a decrease in the load on the server and database.
Several new unique casino interfaces.
Our casino script:
1) has no domain restrictions.
2) all games are open source.
3) 954 games in total.
4) all games work on a computer and on a phone, and have html5 format.

One system to manage all your issues

The AMATIC Casino Online System (COS) is based on more than a decade of experience in connecting slot machines, revenue control and accounting of cash-handling employees. This entire, state-of-the-art casino management system includes clever features like Player Tracking or PIN cods and enables operators to link together all AMATIC solutions into their machine park. The system is able to manage “mini casinos” with only a bunch of machines even up to give a full service to large casinos with many hundreds of machines. If a business operates more casinos, it has the chance to control all individual units from one central server.


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