Google Apps Script Tutorial for Beginners

If you’re looking to automate a task in Google Sheets, Google Docs, Gmail, etc. then you can do so be using Google Apps Script. In this Google Apps Script Tutorial for beginners I’ll show you how to automate the formatting of a Google Sheets document.

0:00 Intro to this Google Apps Script
0:49 What is Google Apps Script?
3:27 Explanation of our demo scenario
4:00 What are algorithms in programming?
4:52 What are variables in programming?
5:43 Follow along tutorial begins
12:45 What are objects in programming?
15:00 What is dot notation in programming?
16:18 Where to find the official Google Apps Script Documentation (
17:50 Finish the last step of the tutorial
20:10 Fixing the SyntaxError
21:00 Run automation script to format Google Sheet

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41 thoughts on “Google Apps Script Tutorial for Beginners

  1. Thank you. Completely knew to Google products. Long time Office (Excel) user. Worked great until the very end, then I got an alert "Google hasn't verified this app. The app is requesting access to sensitive info in your Google Account. Until the developer (……… verifies this app with Google, you shouldn't use it.  ??

  2. HI Great video. You are excellent at explaining things! I had the same issue with "TypeError: Cannot read property 'getRange' of null (line 4, file "Code")." However your link to your data helped. Thanks v much. I wa trying to LOAD a project from the scriopt editor and get that to operate and that didn't work. Any ideas why?

  3. Hi Saperis, I really loved watching your video. Can you please help me get a code in Google forms. If there are 3 checkboxes – 'A' and 'B' and 'C'. And I want to make checkboxes 'B' and 'C' disabled if checkbox 'A' is checked, how do I do that. Can you please comment this code here if you get it.

  4. Hello, I really liked your video… I was able to follow with ease. I did however encounter an issue that I was hoping you might be able to explain. I'm getting an error message ''TypeError: Cannot reas property 'getRange' of null formatReport. I'd be happy to share a screenshot….

  5. Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to auto update gchart when you update something on gsheet? Charts or table linked from Gsheet to Gslides, currently clicking update to capture latest update. Thanks for your help in adv.

  6. To get data on a repetitive basis i use google forms, the data users enter is stored on google sheets. But the problem i am facing is, i need to fetch data in table format, as i learn G-Forms doesn't allow that. Do you have any method to get data in table format?

  7. "Tools > Script Editor" does not exist! I have "more tools" but still no "script editor"! Why is it so many 'help' advices are actually at best 'frustration traps' or worse, only server to doubt the presenter's knowledge?

  8. Thanks for the info, but I had one question for you. How can you write a script that would copy multiple rows in just two columns from an excel spreadsheet with six columns to a Google Sheets spreadsheet? I don't want to use import because it brings in the entire excel spreadsheet.

  9. I deployed it by creating a "web app". I included the link in an HTML file, but it appears as text instead of running the link. What am I doing wrong?

  10. Thankyou for the video but at 22:41 when you need to get authorisation for the app I hit an issue I haven't been able to figure out:

    I get the Custom Formatting menu appear, I click Format Report and get the 'Authorization Required' pop up, click Continue, it goes to Sign in, I sign in and I get:

    Warning! Google hasn't verified this app. – Back to Safety.

    Any ideas how I fix this?

  11. I am seeking a script that will print a letter on one sheet when pressing a button (Print) on another sheet. Is that possible? I have it as a macro in excel but not sure how to apply this in Google sheets.

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