Anthony says farewell after three nights of guest hosting the show, Los Angeles is about to reach what the CDC is calling a “high community COVID level,” New York City’s office of emergency management put out a terrifying PSA about what to do in the event of a nuclear attack, Donald Trump and Elon Musk have been duking it out online, an Amazon Driver delivered something extra in Pennsylvania, new emojis are on the way, and since traditional citizenship ceremonies are boring, we gave a group of brand new citizens the introduction they deserve, plus roundtrip tickets to any National Park in the USA with help from Anaheim Ducks announcer Phil Hulett and national treasure George Takei.

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27 thoughts on “Guest Host Anthony Anderson on Trump & Musk Duking it Out and We Welcome New Citizens to America!”
  1. Dude that crapped in the middle the Street in BROAD DAYLIGHT without a care in the world is NASTY! Couldn't he at least go behind a tree? Couldn't he find a nearby Gas Station? Idk, maybe it was some type of thrill for him. Well, Amazon, maybe you should have an Investigation on this. Because this MAY be a MENTAL illness that to be addressed.

  2. 🦘🐊🐨🍺😎❣️New Aussie Citizens are announced like that as they come up to receive Citizenship Paper, minus the last bit, Normally the Top Level Elected Leader in that location is one giving out Citizenship, they stop for Photo and if want New Aussie can ask Question of leader or the Leader thanks them, for choosing their Town or City, to make their new home and for their contribution to enrich our Country for the Future, They. get goody bag, that includes a Native Tree Sapling, it is symbol that this is now where they are free to put down Roots, those who do not already have one receive their Magic Green Card=Medicare Card. We have Big Public Ceremonies, where all their new Mates come together to Celebrate, with A BBQ, Cake and other Goodies, there are TV news Cameras there to record event and interview New Aussies to put on News, but also for our National Film Archives, so in 100 years their Children's Children can find their history.

  3. I remember my naturalization ceremony very well. There were over 6000 of us! And the very first thing I did as an American citizen, apart from crying, was to register to vote!

  4. Aw! The new citizens thing was so sweet! I wish we were more celebratory and welcoming like this as a whole nation rather than stingy and xenophobic. While it's hard for me to understand why someone would want to come here right now, congrats on your new country and your new home!

  5. I’ve always like Anthony’s movies. But. It’s been a while. Years since I’ve watched something of his he’s done lately. He seams to be a different person talking on this show this time

  6. The more we talk about Trump in any way the longer it is for him to fade into oblivion.
    Exactly where he belongs.
    I'd rather you talk about melting snow and kittens playing in the plains.

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