Hosting Olympics an 'enormous honour': Carr

Former New South Wales Premier Bob Carr says the Olympics is a time to promote Australia’s competence on the world stage.

Mr Carr was the premier during the 2000 Sydney Olympics which he said was an enormous honour.

This comes as Brisbane was officially named as the host of the event in 2032.

“This is Australia. We are promoting Australia and this is a great day for Australia to get the Olympics in 2032 and to be able to showcase the competence of our country,” he told Sky News Australia.

“Go hard for it Queensland. Remember you’re delivering for Australia, you’re sending a message to the world of what a confident, competent, happy country this is.”

28 thoughts on “Hosting Olympics an 'enormous honour': Carr

  1. Nobody remembers the person who won the most prestigious event at the last Olympics – that is how important the Olympics is, nothing but a couple of weeks of media hyperbole and taxpayer funded junkets for the swamp creatures.

  2. Sydney's not looking so swift these days and saying were happy I thinks stretching the truth just a little bit.

  3. OMG, people incarcerated in their own homes, depressed, losing income and jobs, not allowed to see loved one, forced to wear masks and we're supposed to get excited about a bunch of elite athletes performing for elite globalists? FUCK OOOOOOOFFFF!!!!

  4. Whom would want to go to Australia as spectator or competitor, when Australia's own citizens are not allowed back under police state lock down. Australia is the place that arrests pregnant ladies half naked in front of their terrified little children, for a Facebook post?

  5. Steven Bradbury should light the flame! Who better than that Aussie legend who won the 2002 Winter Olympics short track speed Gold medal—after all of his opponents were involved in a last corner pile-up. Isn’t that what Brisbane winning is like?

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