The National Sports Card Show is HERE! After a year off, we were back in full force! We left for the show on Monday, July 25th and started recording from the start. We wanted to document our entire trip there. We were able to get into the show on Tuesday and set up, and then the dealing began! For 5 days straight, we got to buy, sell and trade sports cards while meeting a ton of great collectors! We have videos for every single day we were there as well as a tradenight video and pickup videos. Be sure to check it out and let us know your thoughts. We hope you enjoy this series!

Watch the vlog from day one here:
Watch the vlog from day two here:
Watch the vlog from day three here:
Watch the vlog from day four here:

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By admin

  1. Best YouTube content right here. I need to go to one of cardcollecter2’s trade night. I need an autograph and a picture. One of the best in the hobby, if not the best!

  2. Ryan what a great heart you have. In this day and age, it is so satisfying to see a young man show intelligence, communication, good will, wit and a sense of community. You make the hobby better, and we are all better for it. Good work certainly does pay off and you are a prime example of that. You deserve all the good things that have and will come to you. Makes us all proud.

  3. Job well done sir! You should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished with trade night. My first National was in 92 in Atlanta when I was 16 and I wish there was an experience like what you just put on. Keep up the great work!

  4. I have to wonder what Ryan and that kid was talking about, right before Ryan gave him $100. If you notice, the video wasn't one clean take, but it was cut then resumed right at the point when Ryan gives him the money and says "go buy something nice".

    Because the gesture of whipping out a $100 bill and handing it to someone to buy something can be off-putting and egotistical depending on the situation and context. Yet, the same deed can be uplifting, motivational, and emotionally inspiring as is the case with this one.

    Hence is why I think the kid was probably sharing something personal, maybe how great the Show is, and maybe he hadn't really bought much stuff cus everything is expensive or maybe he just didn't have much money, but is till enjoying it and making the most out of the experience.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Class Act Ryan!

  5. Crazy how big trade night has become. When he handed that kid a hundo just cuz it was his first show…that was cool. So great for the hobby to give back. This man does it in spades.

  6. The way these kids look up to u is so awesome and the way u treat all the kids really hits home with me. I’ve coached youth basketball for nearly 10 years and I do it cause I love seeing the kids have fun and learn the sport. Thank u Ryan

  7. as a fellow 30 yr old, I work full time 50-60 hours /week and card shows on weekends. I feel your pain ahaha. The big ones are killer on the body. 14-16 hour days lol but love it man! if you ever make it to Toronto sports card expo id love to meet ya Ryan!

  8. Ryan the goat man, when Ryan gave the money to the kid was amazing. You have no clue how much that can change a kid’s experience at that place. Good stuff man. You will always be a legend in the community

  9. only online will you see people hating on a special moment, i literally teared up seeing Ryan give the kid $100 to get a good card for his first show. $100 towards a card can go a long ways

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