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50 thoughts on “Hosting Tutorial: Installing Putty + Basic Linux Commands | Web Development Tutorials #91”
  1. Harry Bro there's no-one who could have taught it any better. Thank you for this series and also for doing it for society i.e. for free, it now even inspires me to do something for this society to make it better for each and everyone of us. Thank you very much brother.

  2. Unable to take hosting because of not having credit card. I only have the debit card. Please let me know if there is some other way..
    How will i continue my course. Due to this i m stuck in this part.

  3. This is not a web development course. This is full stack development course.
    Thank you harry bhai to providing the basic idea of frontend and backend. love you harry bhai.

  4. Mere pass to credit debit kuchh bgi nhi hai aur parents ko main btana nhi chahta ki main ye coarse kar raha hu . Koi aisi hosting website hai jo ye sab na mangti ho . Please help if anyone knows.

  5. Bhai Apka koi Tensorflow ka video nahi mila..Please deep learning related videos banao plz..BTW I am a 1 month(approx.) old subscriber of your channel and now I am strongly addicted to your channel… If you see your python playlist till 57 video(because I have not yet completed the full playlist, but reaching there rapidly) I have answered all your quizzes excercise from the very first video..Thanks a lot bhai..Aap bohot achha padhate ho .bhai sirf thoda deep learning ke kuch videos bana do bohot maza ayega( as usual) ,but still thank you very very very much for your free quality content ..😊😊.The whole nation is proud of people like you..God Bless You

    Name-Manav Sengupta
    Variable name#manav (if you want to use variable name)

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