{ How to FIND OBJECTS from a SCENE inside a Script in Unity } – Introduction to the series

This series contains videos with different methods to find objects that are in the scene in Unity from a Script, something that I consider very IMPORTANT, something that has to be understood and to know different ways to do it.
If we have the reference of an object, we can access it and read any data inside it, use its internal functions or apply any action we want.
This video is the introduction to the series about REFERENCES, here we will talk a little about what are the REFERENCES in Object Oriented Programming, why is important to understand it, what errors in console can appear when we do not have the references but still try to use an object, the NullReferenceException and UnassignedReferenceException errors and we will talk in general about the objective pursued throughout this series.
The other videos will be different ways to find the references, starting with the most basic methods and then introducing conditions until we are able to find the references of more specific objects.

This article explains some of the ways that will appear in this series:

Different methods to FIND the REFERENCES of scene objects FROM a SCRIPT in Unity


4 thoughts on “{ How to FIND OBJECTS from a SCENE inside a Script in Unity } – Introduction to the series

  1. I am so grateful that you posted this playlist. This was really well thought out in how the information is presented. And the bite sized videos make it so much more digestible. Keep it up! You got a new sub!

  2. How do this video only have 701 views?
    This is some amazing work you're doing, I really appreciate your work. And if you can please upload English tutorials, so everybody can learn.

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