“How do I get a screenwriting agent and manager?”

This is the most popular question we get here at Script Reader Pro. So in this video, we thought we’d finally demystify the process of how to gain the attention of screenwriting agents and managers in ten steps.

Here’s what’s coming up:
• Agents and managers: what they do and how they can help.
• The query letter: how to craft carefully and when to send.
• Hacks and resources on how to follow up and “the next steps”.



How to Get a Screenwriting Agent and Manager in 10 Steps


100 Top Screenwriting Managers to Contact (Download PDF)


Over to You:
• Ask yourself, is my script truly ready to be seen by a manager?
• Craft your query letter. Make it brief, clear, and engaging.
• What do you think of our methods outlined in this video?

Let us know in the comments section below the video.
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