A Guide on how to configure and install your SSL Certificates into GoDaddy cPanel hosting. Full written guide can be found here: https://www.ssltrust.com.au/help/setup-guides/buy-cheaper-ssl-install-godaddy-hosting

You can purchase a low cost SSL from here: https://www.ssltrust.com.au/ssl-certificates

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8 thoughts on “How to Install an SSL Certificate on-to GoDaddy cPanel Hosting”
  1. Arg help! Followed all steps perfectly and the DNS checker failed. Ended up realizing that I had an A record set to Parked for some reason. I deleted that and created a new on with the correct IP. When I got to the site I do indeed see its secured but DNS Checker still show all unresolved. Should I just wait a day or do I need to redo the cert? Thanks!

  2. Step by step was very helpful. Thank you got up a 3am this morning to learn how to secure my site. Its works!! You saved me from paying an arm & a leg for standard SSL.

  3. Fantastic video. Very very helpful and accurate. Followed step by step all the way thru.
    (1) as soon as I installed the cert and was confirmed by GoDaddy (and received A from SSL Labs) the website's appearance changed massively. Do I now need to go in a re-load the site's files? How do I get it back to the appearance it was designed to have?
    (2) Are there any changes that have to be made to upload files to the site / FTP?

    Thanks again for a VERY helpful video. Just earned a subscriber out of me!

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