How to Tell A Story In Video – Step by Step Script Breakdown

In this video we breakdown my script around the Eureka Dunes story and show how I go from script to screen. Next watch this to …

42 thoughts on “How to Tell A Story In Video – Step by Step Script Breakdown

  1. Love these breaking down videos, it has so much added value compared to other content creators that you feel give you a bit while selling they're giving you the whole process. Super interesting thank you so much!

  2. I struggle with story telling in shooting and making my videos. This video gave me a better glimpse on how I can be able to tell a story. Now, I am excited to start new stories. Thanks! 😁

  3. I don't think people like to share their process of making content in such a detail like you do. This was very helpful Jeven. Thanks 💓

  4. Great video. However Eureka dunes are not the tallest in North America. The tallest reside in Southern Colorado.
    "Great Sand Dunes has the tallest dunes in North America. Star Dune rises 750 feet from its base to its crest. The "High Dune" on the first ridge rises 699 feet from its base, but because it starts on higher ground, it's crest is higher above sea level that of Star Dune. "

  5. Man, you just became my inspiration and my teacher at the same time, I wanted to make You Tube videos since like 5 years ago, and after watching some of your videos I"ve learned a lot and I'll start as soon as possible, Thanks a lot for real

  6. This was so enlightening! I've always struggled with format. Its artful how you break complex things down so its easy enough for anyone to understand. So glad I came across your channel.

  7. I’m in the process of starting to use more scripts/voiceovers in videos rather than vlogging it in person, so this video was a God send! Also helped me realise how I can implement both in camera and out of camera speaking

  8. Most of your viewership doesn’t travel to deserts and cool locations which immediately make your video look amazing. Try to make a tutorial when you are in a gloomy, grey, boring city 🙃

    I have to say, although I enjoy your content, you made similar video like 1000 times in last few weeks. A bit repetitive…

  9. Hello Jeven i have question about dji fly app. Im edditing video inside the app. I downloaded music from youtube and put it in. But i is limited only to 1 min and 27 sec but the music is 2 min and 30 sec. So the app just cut off the music do you now why? Thank you

  10. This video is pure gold! I found few techniques that I already use myself, which made me very proud actually, like the variety of shots using both vlog style and tripod. In my case since I'm usually on my own I tend not to bring a tripod and use my bag instead as a base for the camera, or the mini tripod used for vlogging. In this video I also found other techniques that I might include in my workflow and I thank you for that Jeven

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