Learn the basics of screenplay writing for short films scripts by me, a filmmaker! These are basic tricks I personally use for my films. I learned alot from my favourite Syd Filed book “Screenwriting”, but these are some of my writing hacks I learned from my experience in film over the years.

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“If Only!” в–є https://youtu.be/n73cVsKYdJE
“Freezer Burn” в–є https://youtu.be/yp-xBh-xhRw
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“Failed” в–є https://youtu.be/56XmoDllyyY
“Waste of a Fall” в–є https://youtu.be/RvDq_PeH0kE
“Up a Blind Estate” в–є https://youtu.be/O2Zu9X5_Pg8
“Overrated” в–є https://youtu.be/nKk65Az5xis
“Chocolate Milkshake” в–є https://youtu.be/UyzqrCK-kWY
“Short Circuit” в–є https://youtu.be/B5YzZMyMNKs
“Civil War” в–є https://youtu.be/Hlf0CYoMgzA
“The Missing Keys” в–є https://youtu.be/ffEjwVJvxHE
“Run” в–є https://youtu.be/rYwxjq8Cefk

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34 thoughts on “How to Write Short Film Scripts (Short Story Writing)”
  1. I'm planning on writing a zombie short film. My cousins and I like to make movies and short films, so I decided to learn a few things. I just recently learned how to write scripts and do SFX makeup. Thx for the video!

  2. I seen one of ur movies and I started writing a short horror film and I never ever went to film school I learned from sly Stallone u and wes creven u three inspired me ? i’m Only 17 6/12/2002

  3. Really really loved the advice.. Thankyouu so much….and also like you seem like a really weird person in cool sense….loving the thing you are doing with your hand gestures lmao

  4. Awesome video, I really enjoyed it, and use some of these tips when I write my book, and found a few others I can use in a converted way, thank you so much, this was awesome

  5. Great stuff here, and I gotta agree. I'm used to writing long screenplays and novels, so when it came time to try doing short stories, I found that the best way to wrap everything up and end as quickly as possible was to throw in some kinda neat Shyamalan-twist all up in there.
    Awesome videos, Marina! Consider me a new subscriber! And as a fellow Canadian actor & writer, if you're ever looking for new folks to work on stuff with you, feel free to hit me up.

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