I Failed At Automating Docker Run, With A Script

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So, here I am… telling you to automate your Docker build and run with a bash script or .cmd file on Windows… because frankly, Docker’s command-line tools have a TON of options that are really hard to remember. And what do I do a second after telling you to do this? I fail at running the command-line “docker run”. Because, of course I did, right after telling you how difficult it is to get it right 😀

2 thoughts on “I Failed At Automating Docker Run, With A Script

  1. hey ur videos are great! just 1 question! i wonder if it is possible to run 10 instances of steam in 10 different docker container. and running a different game in each container 🙂 i just wonder if it is possible plz tell how to do it i don't need audio to work in those containers. Just the game to work 🙂

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