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38 thoughts on “I Got Hosted By Locals In Timor Leste 🇹🇱”
  1. One request, plz keep some small gifts with you and whenever people help you give theme as reward for their hospitality, even the small things u brought for them will make them Happy, nd that will be more interesting to watch

  2. Great Garima for showing us one of the most yonger nations.
    I appreciate the courage and boldness of Garima being a girl.I remember Garima saying in one of her very first trips, she understands intention of people by just interacting with them. That trip was to Srilanka. I don't know, how she is god gifted. Goodluck luck for rest of your trip, enjoy and stay safe,dear.

  3. Ham log bhi Kaise ghoom sakte hain kahan ruk sakte hain kaise India Se Bahar Ja sakte hain , kaun si Sasti Jagah ruk sakte hain, kitne rupaye kharch Honge,yah bhi bataya kariye, Jahan Bhi aap gaye vahan ka ine Baton ka Chhota Sa video alag se banaa kar Dal dijiye

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