I hosted a 700+ player chess tournament and tried to win it

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0:00 Taking down the Black Lion Defense
5:13 Stafford Gambit — OH NO MY BISHOP
9:55 Ponziani Middlegame Gambit
14:25 Scandinavian Gambit
17:54 Center Fork Trick leads to QUICK ATTACK
20:08 Stafford Gambit 10 MOVE WIN
22:10 Jobava London leads to DIRTY FINISH
25:54 My opponent is playing well… never mind
30:10 Dubious Gambit Accepted
32:33 Attacking with the Queen’s Gambit Declined
34:38 Punishing my opponent’s Stafford attempt
37:25 Englund Gambit DOH MY KNIGHT
41:25 Halloween Gambit but actually just a free pawn
43:15 Hillbilly Attack vs Caro Kann GRAND FINALE

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38 thoughts on “I hosted a 700+ player chess tournament and tried to win it

  1. I don’t know why anyone accepts Stafford gambit against Rosen. It’s like in a cheesy action movie where the main character beats up a dozen guys in a row and then another guy runs in to fight like “now it’s my turn!” Its just dumb. Don’t accept the gambit. You have no chance.

  2. Highly impressive but incredibly stressful repeatedly watching and willing Eric Rosen on to find check mate in complicated end games with 10 seconds left on the clock. And he invariably does it and still manages some idle gossip, making you scream just shut up and focus on the game! You now only have 7 seconds and my heart can't take anymore.
    The man is an absolute machine.

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