I'm Going Off Script About goHUNT Maps

I’m ditching the script and talking points I planned on covering in regards to goHUNT and their new mapping system. Instead I want to take a step back into history and explain how I first got involved with goHUNT and now consider them such an important company and partner. I first met them in Las Vegas at the hunter and outdoor Christmas.

Returning home I signed up for the INSIDER and started making suggestions to keep improving the system. Then they continued adding value to the membership at no additional cost. goHUNT wants to keep growing to become the one-stop-shop for hunters to prepare for western hunts.

Now introducing both desktop and mobile maps, they are continuing to add more value to their members. This is why I appreciate companies and their trust for me to help provide feedback for. You can also provide feedback on the app or on the thread at hunttalk.com

goHUNT INSIDER Free Trial: https://bit.ly/3eD7wOo

MERCH!: https://bit.ly/2qtvRAC

Use promo code: RANDY for $50 store credit in the goHUNT gear shop when you sign up for the goHUNT INSIDER service OR 10% https://bit.ly/2E9YEyM

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9 thoughts on “I'm Going Off Script About goHUNT Maps

  1. This is my second year with GoHunt Insider. Providing us the map service is pretty awesome. I found it duplicated much of OnXMaps which I discontinued.because of the redundancy. I use a GPS in the field more than my cell phone however always carry a paper map. All these electronic gadgets are great but I trust my paper map. E-Scouting is very cool. I only do 2-3 hunts a year mostly out of state so these map tools really help. BTW I could use a side by side for my AZ and CO hunts, hint hint!!!

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