Infinity Free Complete Tutorials 2021. Free Web hosting & free domain with InfinityFree

Free web hosting – Infinity Free free web hosting with free domain tutorial 2021.
It is a perfect start for so many who do not have a huge budget for premium servers and also for those still learning WordPress.

This video is a complete infinity free web hosting tutorial in 2020. This video covers step by step on how to use infinityfree hosting.

In this video, we used infinity free sub-domain and also got a free domain from Freenom. So we designed 2 WordPress websites in this tutorial

In this free web hosting tutorial, you will learn:

how to create a WordPress website with infinityfree free hosting
How to update infinityfree nameservers
How to use infinity free hosting sub-domains
How to get a free custom domain from for infinity free hosting

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Infinityfree now offers free SSL:
Install Woocommerce in Infinity Free:
How to take your website backup:
How to generate a sitemap:
How to create a child theme:

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44 thoughts on “Infinity Free Complete Tutorials 2021. Free Web hosting & free domain with InfinityFree

  1. Hi,
    I am developing an website for my mini project. In infinityfree, i am unable to send mail using phpmailer, while it works fine in localserver. Can you please guide me on this

  2. Thanks 😊,, It's really helped me add domain in hosting and will go through step you said to create my website.
    Also, will 1st practice with free domain and then do on actual website..

  3. I used it for two weeks infinity free was awfully slow but I said it's ok since its free
    however when I uploaded it to Google search console it converted my whole site into ads and I can't access the site in anyway

    my website (

  4. Sir pls tell me how we can verify freenom domain in infinityfree …there is no option of zone editor, and dns editor in infintyfree control panel……I linked my freenom domain with infinityfree

  5. later on if i want to change my subdomain to the main domain then how can i change it. And also can i run my online food ordering services by using subdomain? what is the drawback to run online food delivery services using subdomain?

  6. Hi, thanks for your tutorial, I chose infinityfree by your suggestion but I want to change it with another hosting, but I can't do it, do you know how to start and what to do? I didn't start to build a website, I have only an account with transferred information and there are no customer services for the free edition, I am stocked. Thanks bro.

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