Introduction to oTree (Part 4) – Hosting your oTree app

Introduction to oTree (Part 4) – Hosting your oTree app

The fourth video in a five-part series of introduction videos about oTree. In this fourth video, Christian Peters explains how to host your oTree app on a server.

WARNING: This tutorial is based on oTree version 3.x and uses the self format and, structure. More recent versions of oTree (versions 5 and higher) may not support the approach presented in this video.

oTree is an open-source platform for behavioral research, and it is licensed under the MIT open source license with the added requirement of a citation of the following paper:
For more information about oTree and its creators, please visit

Completed oTree app featured in this video can be downloaded here:

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4 thoughts on “Introduction to oTree (Part 4) – Hosting your oTree app

  1. Hello Christian,

    first of all thank you for the video, it really helped me a lot!

    I just have a problem specifying the right python version for my experiment. I am using Otree Hub and have included a runtime.txt file to specify my python version but this doesnt seem to work.

    When I zip my project, the runtime.txt file dissappears. Is that supposed to happen?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated as I am stuck on this final problem and I want to start my experiment soon.

    All the best,

  2. These are super helpful resources. Please keep making more of these. Although there is a small population using this but who are using it can benefit immensely from this. Thank you. I am going to refer this to everyone interested in learning designing behavioral experiments.

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