We have had soo many requests to have him on! From the streets of Merced…to Prison, and now to Spotify playlists!!! This is The Dope As Usual Podcast.
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36 thoughts on “Merced's Very Own Getto Boy | Hosted By Dope As Yola”
  1. Yo this has to be one of my favorite episodes. I really appreciate the whole Dope as Usual crew for getting some of us through stuff and possibly the pandemic. Salut,Amigos🤙🏼

  2. What a freaking inspirational episode bro! It must've been surreal having a guest from where you grew up who is also out here making a lane for himself, but also trying to inspire and get others to reach their highest potential!!! I feel like I could accomplish the world after watching this one dude! Thank you!

  3. My high school principal had the same name as that. He also coincidentally had a massive pot leaf tattooed on his back left solder. Caught that man lacking mowing the lawn one day and we had a good laugh and I was instructed not to tell anyone. I immediately told to everyone not 30 seconds after I got back to my car.

  4. been on vacation haven’t taken a bong rip for a week. watching this on the plane ride. dope video as always man. keep going with thiss shi mane

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