Metasploit Installation for your VPS

This video will show how to install the latest Metasploit with msfdb (MSF Database) on your VPS. And create your virtual pentesting machine which you can you anywhere you are.

My digitalOcean link is as follows:

1. Need to create your droplets and I prefer Debian.
2. update your Linux
3. Download and install Metasploit
4. We need to create a swap memory as the US5 VPS has limited to 512MB of memory. Unless you choose the higher capacity VPS. It’s your choice.
5. create another non-root user for our Metasploit MSF database creation.
6. And your Virtual Pentest Machine is created.

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15 thoughts on “Metasploit Installation for your VPS

  1. Hello your video is very useful but till now I am finding it difficult to configure my Debian vps with metasploit . I might need you to help me fix via team viewer I can pay before service via btc my email is
    Barnave110 Gmail

  2. Hi. How do I leave it on so that I would still be able to get sessions even though I'm not ssh'd to the VPS? Is it possible? If yes, how?

  3. Hey man I have a question. I have installed the full version of Kali on a VPS. I have done some testing using msfvenom/meterpreter_tcp and meterpreter_http payloads in a sandbox environment on a Win 7 SP1 x86 system. The initial test are a success. I get a reverse shell back to the VPS. However, when I attempted to do this on another remote system of mine on a different LAN, I am unable to the reverse shell. I spoke with a friend about this who saw in Wireshark traffic that it is getting blocked at the ISP level. How do I get around this problem?

  4. Cheers for the tutorial! Was extremely hard to find one on the subject. Have a couple questions, can you use metasploit on a vps to listen for reverse shells? and if so what ip do you use for the payload (lhost)? and what ip do use to listen in msfconsole (within the vps)?

  5. outstanding tutorial! keep up the good work. I only have one question, why is it after installing metasploit with the root user did it not connect to the postgresql database while using the root account, but it would using a new user?

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