Milk Before Cereal || Obey Me Script Prank

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Hello! I hope you enjoyed this video!!! Please feel free to give me suggestions for videos you would like to see! I will make sure to do them!

Also, I will try to make sure to have a Valentine’s Day special out by tomorrow!!


20 thoughts on “Milk Before Cereal || Obey Me Script Prank

  1. I pour milk first then cereal
    But it’s ok if u do it however u want🥺😊
    Just don’t fight over it
    It’s actually stupid-😞
    I did it once when my sister pour cereal first then milk
    And then argued for 2 hours
    Then our mom got 😡 m a d 😡

  2. milk first just makes me uncomfortable 😂 i think its bc the cereal will mostly float and dry cereal will tear up your mouth which is why I like getting the milk all over the cereal👌

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