Mind's Eye & Violinist Adjustments – Nerfs and buffs l Test Server

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More Details:
Name: Identity V
Platform: Android / IOS
Price: Free
Genre: Survival
Company/Publisher: NetEase
Played on: Ipad Pro 11 with IOS 13.5
My In-game ID: 956972
Music in this video:
Intro Music:
Song: NIVIRO – The Ghost [NCS Release]
Outro Music:
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47 thoughts on “Mind's Eye & Violinist Adjustments – Nerfs and buffs l Test Server

  1. 1. Hunter-Violinist adjustments:

    -Reduced the influence of magic sound on the movement speed of the survivor, the deceleration effect of the 1/2/3 layer has been reduced from 4% /8%/12% is reduced to 3%/6%/9%;

    ——the range of “no other survivors around” required for meditation is reduced from 24 meters to 12 meters;

    ——The sonata cast time is extended The duration of the action of two notes; ——Extend the duration of the action

    of infinite movement.

    Adjustment thinking: The

    violinist is very strong in the guarding session, and the magic sound attenuation state will also put greater pressure on the survivor in the pursuit link. Therefore, in this adjustment, we will give his sonata and infinite motion two skills longer action duration, give the rescue position survivors sufficient reaction and action time, and reduce the pressure during rescue. At the same time, the deceleration effect of the magic sound will be appropriately lightened, so that the survivor has more room to play when close to him, and adjust the more stringent conditions for releasing the magic sound.

    2. Survivor-Mind's eye Adjustment: ——New

    skill [Sound Interference] (Add additional skill button): Use a blind stick to hit the ground hard to stimulate a specific sound wave to interfere with nearby hunter. Hunters will Because of the loss of balance, they staggered back for a certain distance. When the hunter is disturbed, the closer to the center of the sound wave, the farther back. The cooling time of this skill is 45 seconds.

    ——Mind's eye can now cast [Echolocation] while moving;

    ——Adjusted the external characteristics of mind's eye, now the deciphering speed of mind's eye has been decreased from 30% to 25%, and the repair of mind's eye The speed of the machine is not affected by the acceleration of the later stage of deciphering;

    -The visual performance of the mind's eye in various states has been reproduced.

  2. Thing is, I don’t know what nerfs and buffs mean. Like I know it changes some of the characters abilities or adjust it but the definition itself, I don’t know. Like I’m thinking about nerf guns and bulls.

  3. I don't know why but her new vision looks ugly to me. I know it will help a lot and all but idk man, it just looks weird.
    But I'm going to be honest… I'm very excited about yeet ability, I can't wait for that. Like bruh imagine what you can do with that!!!

  4. Very excited about the Mind's Eye buff! I personally believe it was a long time coming. The better vision makes up for the slight fall of decoding speed and that pushback is really goimg to do wonders for kiting!

  5. Imagine when all ciphers are done and the exit gate is open, you're chasing this one survivor who is so close at the exit gate and you're about catch them and then Mind's Eye comes in to push you off…

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