Minecraft Server Hosting in Asia Pacific (Singapore)

We just launched Minecraft Hosting in our brand new Singapore location at $5.00/GB. Our Asia Pacific Minecraft Hosting plans are the most powerful and …


12 thoughts on “Minecraft Server Hosting in Asia Pacific (Singapore)

  1. Dont do business with Shockbyte.

    They have NO way to contact their company if you ever have any issues. All they have is a chat service that will do nothing but blow smoke up your ass and tell you they will contact the "head office". They cant give you a phone # or email for this mysterious "head office" but rest assured, if you "kindly wait," then they will get back to you, apparently.

    Ive been waiting for a refund on a fraudulent charge they put on my account for an entire month now. They not only charged my account after I asked to cancel my services the night before, but they also cut my service off. So they charged me and cut off my service, at the same time. Does that even make any sense to begin with? You cant charge someone if you know you just cancelled the service as per your policy.

    I have 9 tickets backedup, ignored, waiting to be replied to going back 3 weeks now since the time they first told me that they will escalate my ticket to the "refund department." That was 3 weeks ago, 9 tickets later I havent heard a single word. Ive contacted the chat system 5 different times and they say the exact same thing like bots – Kindly wait for the head office to reply to your ticket.

    Thats their answer of my complaing that my tickets are being ignored – kindly wait for the response to the lack of responses youre experiencing.


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