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Download the Fortnite Script V16 Console’s Version on Cronus ZEN and MAX

Download the Fortnite Script V16 PC Version on Cronus ZEN and MAX

This Script Created by us Library Cronus Scripts

Changelog v16 by us
*improvement Aim TO PC AND CONSOLE but you need to edit dead zone
*Added New option Jump Shot (Square + Down)

Check DeadZone
To get best aim assist with this script you need to edit dead zone left/right to 11/11 Console’s but 18/18 For PC

what is options?
-1___ AimBot / Aim Assist V16 (L2 + LEFT)
-2___ Aim Pro (Head Shot) (L2 + Down)
-3___ Rapid Fire (L2 + UP)
-4__ Target Tracker (AUTO)
-5__ Drop Shot (L2 + RIGHT)
-6__Trigger_Swap OFF // Change Your shooting to L1 and R1 if you want use it open it by notpad and let it (TURE)
-7__ Strafe (Square + RIGHT)
-8__ Jump Shot (Square + Down)

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  1. Love your scripts bro and they are the best ever going to try to download it now if my dumb ass computer πŸ’» will work properly for me to download it and I was waiting for to do another fornite script

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