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11 thoughts on “Pleroma – Self hosted twitter (kinda) ?

  1. My problem with mastodon/pleroma is in which server I want my account to be registered. I simply can't decide one and commit to it forever. Hosting a server is a bit too much commitment. Even searching you or some other person you'll find multiple registrations. Maybe a topic for a trendy talk

  2. PS. Thanks for the book recommendation, just ordered my own copy from Amazon. I'm really bad at learning languages from "Teach Yourself" books, the only reason I got reasonably good in BASH and Python is because my day job is in Linux sysadmin and cybersecurity, and I had some scripts to write to "get sh1t done", as they say – so I had "end goals" to achieve.

    I have been trying to learn C on and off for years, but I've got no reason to use it in the real world except for my own interest – but if I can see how it's used in games, with examples, that is something that would interest me to mess about with.

  3. So you are hosting Pleroma and Owncast yourself then? Who are you using for Dyamic DNS?

    The reason I ask is I'm in the UK too, BT is my Internet provider and I was using a paid service with DynDNS so as to access my network from outside with SSH.

    DynDNS recently changed to HTTPS only for IP address updates which the BT router doesn't support, so I've got to do something about it. I have got an Asus DSL router which I haven't installed yet (I like BT's service quality but not what they do on their router, hence wanting to go third party) that probably does support it, but it would be interesting to see what others use now.

    I've also just built and configured a NextCloud instance on a Raspberry Pi and really pleased with how that works – it was originally just a proof of concept that I would move onto my main server if it worked well (which it does) but I may just leave it on the Pi and, again, access it from dynamic DNS.

  4. On the one hand surprised trump didn't just straight do this for his 'social media plstform' on the other him disallowing anyone else to speak but him does seem like a thing he would do

  5. How much bandwidth does your Pleroma instance uses for syncing with other instances? I was under the impression that you would have to "download" every single message from all other instances all the time… but perhaps it only downloads the instances that users are requesting by being subscribed to users on those instances?

  6. Another program of this type is GNU Social. Not sure how active those all are these days, but I think it uses similar underlying APIs. Maybe it can even federate with G.S. instances.

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