Pokémon Shiny Den Hosting ☆36 DARK ☆87 FAIRY ☆185 DRAGON – Pokémon Sword & Shield

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☆36 DARK: Hydreigon, Obstagoon, Zweilous, Grimmsnarl, Morgrem, Linoone, Thievul
☆87 FAIRY: Impidimp, Ralts, Togetic, Morgrem, Aromatisse, Milcery, Gardevoir, Grimmsnarl
☆185 DRAGON: GMAX-Duraludon, Salamence, Tyrantrum, Dragonite, Shelgon, Turtonator, Tyrunt, Delibird

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Please follow the “rules”, ask for “!den NUMBER” and wait until you get added.
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