Profit Trailer Windows VPS Setup Guide

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44 thoughts on “Profit Trailer Windows VPS Setup Guide

  1. I was with VirMach for two months running PT and Feeder on just one bot, I upgraded to allow this, 60gb ssd, 4gb ram, I then changed Feeder settings to check the mrket and update files every 5 minutes, I recieved an email several weeks later from suport stateing that I need lower cpu usage, I asked them how and they told me to not use the service as much to lower usage, I instantly closed the account, went with another vps that was recomended by Aqua in Discord and was then told by Aqua and SgtBatten that VirMach seem to be getting a bad reputation lattley for pulling stunts like this, eigther way, i can not recomend this product and advise against it.

  2. Crypto Crow says you should get a VPS near your exchange for a time delay advantage. Is that accurate? I see you recommend a Buffalo and LA as being the best. Does proximity to an exchange really make that much more of a difference?

  3. Thank you so much for explaining everything I did a VPS so helpful video well explain it I have to watch a portion go back in repeat I have not idea before about this thank you for great videos like this one question which PT feder I have to do the firewall ports to right

  4. Everybody is talking about Profit trailer what about PT Feeder, do I need to Change some settings ? because my Profit trailer works great on VPS but my feeder not, what do you think could be the problem?

  5. I purposely click your link, so i hope you'll get the referral incentive 😀
    Virmach is very good, I accidentally click the Windows 2012 instead of 2016.
    Team has a good customer support. Changed immediately within 10 minutes.

  6. Hi, Excellent video, first time to use a vps. 1 question, do I need to lock the screen on the server for security before exiting the remote desktop.?

  7. so I bought PT finally running it on vps awesome video thamks man… the discord kinda disordly lol the day binance comes back up may have been a bad day to go all in on this but we are up and running now… keep up the awesome work man

  8. Great video mate! just want to let you know. I have used your referral link but its running too slow on my system. Even copying PT files taking 15mins. Just wanted to know how is it working for everyone else?

  9. Just ordered using your link. All but 2 locations sold out. Buffalo and another, however both are on backorder so no idea how long that takes. I got in, thats all I care aboutm

  10. Hey, thanks for the information 🙂

    I wanted to know if I can also obtain this service for South Africa? Im concerned with the GMT (greenwichmeantime) setting in Profit Trailer? Would I set the time to the US, since the server is there?

    Thanks in advance, to anybody who can be of assistance 🙂

  11. Yet another great video Gnome! Thank you.

    Question to anyone : Virmach is sold out and back ordered. Any suggestions on another recommended VPS? Thanks all!!

  12. hey bud thx for the great videos! Virmach is not recommended anymore? Could you update video with a recommended Windows VPS please or a link? Thanks again!

  13. Thanks for the information!
    I think I have a 1,000mb connection.
    Having said that, I'm not sure if the network card is a 500mb or 1,000mb card.
    If 500, is it really worth the effort/hassle setting up a VPS?
    I live in Korea if that makes a difference.

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