Ripple XRP News: No Joke, Flare DID Hit $2+… Ripple Hosting CBDC, UK Into Crypto, $400M Short Liq!

Ripple XRP News: No Joke, Flare DID Hit $2+… Ripple Hosting CBDC, UK Into Crypto, $400M Short Liq!

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24 thoughts on “Ripple XRP News: No Joke, Flare DID Hit $2+… Ripple Hosting CBDC, UK Into Crypto, $400M Short Liq!

  1. DUSTY!!!! For real man forget all the hate, ignore them stupid haters and keep doing what you're doing. I love your vids and watch your stuff every day! Thank you for the amazing content. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Haven't been in crypto long but I got in when xrp was .27 and got a good bag.i also got cardano and vechain.i think that was my best options.i am a fisherman in my offseason so I am limited but invested what I a wife and 7 kids together.i was taken away from my family for 15 months to the fed pen for tax evasion and set back 130k.i worked hard all my life and a vet of the 82nd airborne with combat experience.thanks for your time giving valuable info.i make my own decisions based on knowledge not gut.may we all reach the stars someday,.we are all crypto family….

  3. What you're doing wrong is you "care" about the comments. Just keep on being you! If people don't like you, your channel will die… That won't happen soon. Opinions are like a$$holes, erebody's got one. Does the wolf care about the sheep's opinion?

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  5. Hey man, why even give the haters a minute of your time?! You are not a native speaker? Wow, i'm impressed. You speak better than I can and i'm a native English speaker hehe :). Anyways, I bought in some XRP at around 59 cents, what a ride its been to get back up to this point all in 1 day. Your videos have helped bring me solace with the $$ I put in the market (that I am more than willing to lose if the market goes down!).

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