Rust – Hosting A Custom Map (Rust Edit Course)

Rust – Hosting A Custom Map (Rust Edit Course)

Rust edit tutorial, welcome to my rust edit beginner’s guide, if you enjoy rust building or own a rust server then rust edit is a vital tool for you. Rust edit is a rust program allowing rust players to create there own maps and rust monuments for all to share and use on live servers. In my tutorials for rust edit I’ll take you from the rust edit basic setup all the way to the more complicated rust edit map making tools and prefab creation. We will also show how to upload rust edit maps to your server.

In this video we look at how to host a map on a local server. We also talk a little bit about map naming practices . Next video we are going to look at how to make custom caves / area’s under the terrain. We are starting to get into the interesting parts ๐Ÿ™‚

Rust Edit Website:

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ALternative DL link:!bpp1TY4A!f4SmlMOxa_…

Download Ultimate Server Setup Rust V03 :

#6 tutorial with initial setup of Ultimate Server Setup Rust:

Port forward tutorial:

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38 thoughts on “Rust – Hosting A Custom Map (Rust Edit Course)

  1. This is the error that throws me when I try to enter the server, it loads it perfectly … but I don't get to spawn.

    the map is a test map made by me, with a spawn point.

    InsideTerrain: Enforcing (violation of 200)

    any solution?

  2. Hi Ted, this tutorial is now outdated as Unity does not accept downloads from external servers, could you please make a new video with the updated methods?

  3. I watched several of your videos and just doesn't launch. I had dropbox link, didn't work, I downloaded dropbox map and done like shown, doesn't work ๐Ÿ™

    When I press start USSR just blinks and nothing happens.

  4. Hello I hope you can help me I can't seen to get any answers in any forums I have 2 problems #1 when I load a prefab I'd lie to have scientists walk around it I put down an orb called npc_spawner now scientists spawn but I cant get them to walk around they stand there so I added a bunch of patrolpoints and they still don't move how do I add them and get them to patrol the prefab #2 I fill the prefab with loot different barrels and crates thy do respawn but if I go the say a gas station I can empty the crates and barrels there 5 times before the ones on my prefab respawn is there a way to speed that up ?I do have the Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll on my server now as well.

  5. A commando prompt window pops up and then disappears instantly when i click Start after selecting the server file and nothing happens. I have given the USSR free pass through firewall and everything but it just won't open up.

  6. Your trash program doesnt work at all. Doesn't show what the buttons link to (or what they're supposed to) and doesn't show the progress of anything while its going on.

    Just delete that shit if you're trying to make a program that makes everything easy and instead doesn't do a fucking thing except download a bunch of shit to your computer.

  7. While I figured most of all this on my own a while back, its nice to see this info here for others to utilize without having to hunt and peck through things to learn on your own like I did/do. I am however curious to know your system specs because your editor launches, opens and saves maps blazingly fast in comparison to my personal experience. Keep up the good work!

  8. I made a server with port forwating using rust server manager but is for cracked rust , server is working, but if i open rust i can t find it , any help?

  9. Um, yeah. I'll just nod my head and say, "Sure.. gotcha… uh huh".
    I see that l'm definitely going to need tons of time to get to your knowledge and understanding of playing with files and such. ๐Ÿค”
    Glad to see the series continues onward, Ted! GG ๐Ÿ‘

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