Ryan Seacrest shares details of hosting his 17th New Year’s Eve show l GMA

The host of “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” shares the musical lineup and more secrets of the show.

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14 thoughts on “Ryan Seacrest shares details of hosting his 17th New Year’s Eve show l GMA

  1. There are so many naive and obnoxious people who interjecting radio and then stating lies about other people whom they jealous. Just ignore them, they are bullies.

  2. Like I always say,
    "The biggest New Years Eve party, in the world,
    is always in my own bed, sound asleep, when I wake for just 10 minutes, before Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest drop the big ball at Time Square!"
    After which my pesky family and friends call on the phone to wish me Happy New Years!
    Let me just add, that it was much Happier when I was sound asleep!
    So GMA, let us have a real quiet New Years Party
    so that those, who want to sleep, may do so in peace!
    In fact if we say Happy New Years right now, we can avoid the phone calls at midnight!

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