As I’ve been working harder these last months to learn the screenwriting art, in advance of working on the Mistborn screenplay, I thought it might be useful to offer my thoughts on some of the films I see. Not really in a reviewing kind of way–there are plenty of places to go for reviews. Instead, I thought I’d ask myself if there was advice I could offer on improving the films I watch.

Let me know if this was useful to any of you writers out there, or interesting to the rest of you. I can’t promise how often I’ll do this for films, but if you enjoy it, I can do more.

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50 thoughts on “Script Notes—Sonic the Hedgehog”
  1. Could you do this same thing for Ender's Game and Eragon? Just want to restore some hope that books can be translated to the big screen successfully before anyone makes an attempt on your works.

  2. I love your videos and lectures. you have so much skill and many good ideas. but there was no way to save this movie. It was just … bad. My kid actually asked to leave it half way through. It really highlights why writing should get the biggest chuck of the budget.

  3. Please do this and as much as possible because you may be a possible voice of reason with the Wheel of Time, so we need you limber and ready to go.

  4. 0:18 A turtle is about to get run over by a car, but it looks like it's just barely going to get out of the way in time. Unfortunately a blue hedgehog traveling at mach 5 slaps it into a cloud of turtle mist.

  5. Very good analysis. As a Sonic fan, it's a nice change of pace to see someone who isn't complaining about how bad a Sonic story is, because… Well. There's usually a lot to complain about.

    And as a Brandon fan, I was very surprised to see this. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  6. I'd be interested in hearing your take on Guy Ritchie's King Arthur movie. I feel like there was a lot that worked in the beginning and end, but it suffered from a muddled second act.

  7. Having seen the Sonic film and done a fair amount of writing, I very much enjoy this and would love to see more. Themes and arcs are skills I'm still weak on as a writer, and I feel like they're central to doing this sort of analysis: seeing what promises the script makes and doesn't quite pay off. Any demonstration of that type of skill is something I'm interested in. Thank you, Brandon!

  8. Had to watch Sonic so I could watch this video. I didn't love it but thought it was okay. I do think that Jim Carrey probably doubled my enjoyment of the movie and made it worth watching for me.

  9. What… what is happening, Brandon? You are a millionaire bestseller, why are you stealing jobs from penniless youtuber film critic wannabes?

  10. I really enjoyed this analysis. It's good to see thoughts on how a mediocre film could be made much better with just a few tweaks. I think he's right in saying a lot of people's suggested changes don't get what the movie is trying to achieve and try to change the film in drastic ways.

  11. I love to hear about your thought processes, it's so enlightening, so glad you're doing this! The proposed ideas and changes make a lot of sense and I could feel a few gears click into place as the reasons were talked about. Please do more critiques, if you have any more? I'll be here listening to them for sure

  12. Hi Brandon. Just wanted to say that your channel is one of the best on storytelling and has motivated me to read your books… thanks for the great contribution you are making!

  13. Please analyze the new Artemis Fowl movie! Obviously strayed quite a bit from the books, which is fine. But aside from that, it was…mildly disappointing as a movie. I'm curious if you have the same thoughts about as I did….

  14. Thanks for the great video! I love the narration/editing, and how constructive the analysis is (unlike many videos about movies).

    Also thanks for getting the video aspect ratio right! Watching this on a wide screen without the video being a small square on my phone 🙂

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