Script to Screen: Jake and Amy Have Welcomed Their Baby – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) have their baby while we read along in this Brooklyn Nine-Nine script to screen exclusive clip from NBC.
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Script to Screen: Jake and Amy Have Welcomed Their Baby – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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42 thoughts on “Script to Screen: Jake and Amy Have Welcomed Their Baby – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  1. B99 fandom is a freaking Beautiful community I feel like if we all met we will be besties 😜❤️ I am so sad becoz the show is ending but I am happy for the fact that I get to be part of this amazing fandom <3 this comment section is so pure🥺❤️brb gotta cry peace out homies 🥺

  2. I think they could've destroy us if we had a moment with jake and baby alone like "Welcome to the family pal" with tears in his eyes… Like I'm really disappointed they didn't put a scene like this. OK, a sitcoms gotta make you laugh but I like it when they make me feel too

  3. The fact the “I love you” wasn’t scripted… imma go cry 😭 but Andy’s improv skills are so good! And the way he ended the season with “everyone wash ur hands” lmfao

  4. I’m going to miss this show but most importantly I will be always grateful for the happy/fun moments you gave us, it was idiotic of me to think the show would stay for a long time but I guess it has to end eventually…title of my sextape

  5. I wonder why Holt and Kevin didn't adopt a child. Yeah Cheddar is good, but imagine if they had adopted a kid. Who grew up to be in the CIA or FBI. And during the opening of an episode he makes an entrance. Everyone's like, "Who is this guy?" And Holt walks out of his office and says, "Good morning squad, I'd like you to meet Michael Holt Cozner, my son" and everyone's like, "You have a son?" [I'm choosing the name Michael because I picture his son as Michael Jay White]
    And then during the episode, Michael reveals he was adopted by Kevin and Holt. And then a few years later he decided to leave them because they wanted him to pursue a career in something and he didn't want that and wanted to be in the CIA (or FBI). And since his job would require him to be in a lot of undercover missions, Holt and Kevin had decided to not mention to anyone about his relationship with them. And once he moved out, they both got lonely and so they got a Corgi dog named Cheddar. And now, he's out of his undercover missions and has been assigned desk duty for a few months. And while he was on his missions, he missed his father's so he decided to pay them a visit.

    I don't know. It kinda sounds like a good story to me. I obviously do hope it turns our to be real but I guess it's okay to label it as fanfiction.

  6. Script: Oh my God, Amy take this STUPID baby, Rosa gave me that phone!

    Scene: Amy hold this baby, Rosa give that phone!

    The fact that Andy didn't want to call the baby stupid is all i need today

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